Weekly Review #1

This past week my big finish was the 3D mini quilt I call “Not Just for Quilting” for the Aurifil Sew Many Colors contest. Which, in case you didn’t know, vote has started! I would greatly appreciate it if you would go vote for my quilt if you like it. You can do that on Aurifil’s blog here. Mine is the very last one #21. To vote you simply click on the small heart in the upper right corner of the image you wish to vote for (mine – hint hint 😉 ). Keep in mind that you are only allowed ONE VOTE!

I also finished up 2 other mini quilts and a 1 Hour Basket which took a lot longer than 1 hour because I made the front panel pieced, appliqued and quilted before I even started to assemble the basket. LOL All three of these items are for various swaps. I also completed a 3rd mini quilt but I’ll share that one in a few days.

When doing these swaps, the hardest part for me is everything up until the point when I start sewing. Deciding on (or designing) a pattern and picking the just right fabric to go with it but still be something that my partner will hopefully (fingers crossed) like. The pattern part takes me a long while. I want it to be just right.

In other news, we’ve had some serious weather scares that rivaled the storms in mid-January. Yesterday there was a HUGE tornado that was on the ground for over 120 miles. It passed a few miles to the north of our home. A friend of ours was on the very bottom edge of it and seen it go by. Luckily, their brand new house they just finished building sustained only very minor cosmetic damage. As the weather was rolling in, the sky was very scary looking. It looked like a cross between the rolling top of boiling water and the sky in the movie Independence Day right before the space ships come out of the clouds. I tried to go outside several times to get some pictures, but our little girl wanted to come with me and hubby was about having a fit. Just google Independence Day movie clouds to see what I mean.

After living in Florida for a good chunk of my life, I’ve been thru more hurricanes, seen more lightning strikes, experienced more severe thunderstorms / electrical storms / whatever than I care to count. There was a time or three when I was truly nervous. But nothing like this. I was downright scared yesterday just like I was back in January. I cannot even fathom what it must be like in tornado alley…

On a lighter side, my little girl declared earlier this year that she wanted her own garden. So, I tilled up a spot on two sides of her outside playhouse. On one side I helped her to plant rainbow flower (wildflower mix) seeds. On the other side we planted red carrots and little tomatoes (cherry tomatoes) seeds. All of which she picked out herself. Now if I could just get her help to plant my garden! LOL Aren’t those little gardening tools just the cutest? They’re metal and wood and they appear to be holding up good. She got those for her 4th birthday from a family member who heard about her wanting her own garden this year.

This upcoming week there’s several things I’m hoping to accomplish including:

  1. finish up the mini for the #geeseswap (needs to be done by the 16th)
  2. finish up the mini for the #mwasquiltswap (needs to be done by the 26th)
  3. finish up the paper piecing for the #fisquiltswap so I can get started on the hand embroidery (needs to be done by 5/13)
  4. make my little girl an Easter basket
  5. get ALL my seeds planted either in the cups, trays, or in the garden

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish next week?

Have a fun and safe weekend. Till next time



2 thoughts on “Weekly Review #1

  1. You had some great finishes during the week. The little garden will be so cute! I take toilet paper rolls – the center cardboard piece – and cut them in half, then fill them with dirt and plant my seeds. I’ve been meaning to plant some favorite pepper seeds, to see if they were not hybrids and will grow. I should do that this week, as the danger of last frost is past. Best of luck with your gardening and sewing this coming week!

    1. Thank you Susan! I used to do that with the toilet paper rolls as well. 🙂 I’ve also used (and still use) egg cartons to start tiny seeds like herbs. But as the gardening has grown, so have the seed trays. LOL I’ve got my fingers crossed that her seeds come up considering on Thursday night it dropped down in the low 40’s and last night was in the mid 30’s… If not it’ll be back to the seed store with her to pick out more. Hopefully the next time we walk up there I won’t end up walking home with a black eye! 😉

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