The Close of Q3


Well Q3 of the 2016 Finish-A-Long is done… What have I done? Not much that’s for sure… Not long after this started my little girl kicked me on the side of my face including my ear (the same one that I had problems with for about 3 months and 5 antibiotics) and my jaw joint. The pain from it has basically kept me from sewing much at all. Oh well. At least there’s a Q4! 😉

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you declare what projects you’re going to attempt to finish this quarter. The 3Q (short for the 3rd quarter) ran from 7/8 thru 10/6. The hosts for this huge event are:

Now. Hmmm. What did I get finished? Let’s see. Not much on my list!

I finished the carry bag for hubby’s data collector (for his business) which you can read about here.

Other than that, while I did make my little girl some dresses, none of them was from the fabrics I shared so they don’t count. Why? Well, those were on that rack (which was the side part of her crib) which ended up getting stuck behind a pile of boxes and deer mounts when hubby brought some stuff home from storage. 🙁

That’s it! Seriously… But it’s not as if I’ve not done anything. I’ve done numerous quilt blocks, hand embroidery, and crocheting. Oh well. Q4 starts on Saturday. 😉 Time to start my next looooong list.

Till next time happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “The Close of Q3

  1. And it’s okay! You lived. I bet you could list a lot of things you did to make memories with your husband and daughter. That’s the most important part of life. Now you might have more time, and feel better, and make more finishes this last quarter of the year. And that’s good, too. But if you don’t, you’re doing other things all the time. I had six things on my list to do this year, and they aren’t all done, but I’m happy with what IS done. =)

    1. LOL Yes, I lived. 😉 Lots of memories of everyday, little things. Blowing bubbles, watering the garden while she plays in the muddy puddles from the hose leaking, her “helping” me plant things in the garden, watching those chubby little fingers attempt to put 1 tiny seed in each little hole in the seed starting tray for our fall veggies. It’s the little things I love the best everything else is just a bonus. 🙂

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