Fall Love QAL Block 4
Fall Love QAL Block 4Fall Love QAL Block 4

Fall Love QAL Block 4


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Here’s block #4 of 9 in the Fall Love QAL.

If you missed any of the previous blocks, you can find them here on my website or in my craftsy store.

This is the 5 block released in the series. Which means there’s only 4 more to go! This can be used as a stand alone pattern or in the mini quilt I will be providing directions for at the end of the qal.

The schedule for patterns to be released is:
July 8 – General Info & Block 1
July 29 – Block 3
August 5 – Block 2
August 19 – Block 5
August 26 – Block 4
September 9 – Block 7
September 16 – Block 6
September 30 – Block 9
October 7 – Block 8 & Finishing Instructions

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Make sure to print out pattern at “actual size”

Let me say a few things about the pattern this month.

First, you do not have to do all the leaves! You could do them in hand embroidery if you prefer. That’s what I was initially going to do until I ran out of time. If you do the leaves as applique, you don’t have to use the templates I used! Just feel free to cut out little oval shapes with pointy ends. It really is that easy. There’s no need to fuss over ever little leaf shape being perfect. Once the mini quilt is all together, wonky cut leaves are not going to be noticable I promise!

Second, feel free to sew it on your sewing machine instead of doing any hand embroidery. I did all mine on the sewing machine and if you follow me on IG you’ll see that I was not able to sew directly onto the lines. That’s fine! Now that the piece is finished and the water soluble pen marks are gone, can you even tell that I really messed up on sewing my pumpkin vines or vine curlyques? Nope!

Third, the only way that my leaves are attached to the fabric is thru the single line I stitched down thru the middle like a vein. And the only way that my pumpkins are attached is by the lines I sewn to be the pumpkin recesses. Why? Mine are going to be used in a mini quilt that is huge for the fall only. Rarely is it going to need to be washed so I wasn’t worried about stitching along all the edges. By not stitching down the edges it gives the piece much more dimension that it wouldn’t have if I had sewn down all along all edges. So use the pattern, have fun, give it your twist and make it your own!



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