My First 2016 Q3 Finish! YAY!

Yesterday morning, hubby was running a bit late so I was attempting to help him gather all his gear and get out the door. I picked up the pouch his data collector (piece of land surveying equipment) and it almost fell out! Why? Weeelllllllllll… That’s my fault. *hanging my head in shame*

About a year ago – yep it’s been that long – he asked me to make him a new one. We sat down together with his current pouch and hashed out a rough idea for a new pouch. And… Then… I forgot all about it……

Until yesterday morning. I almost started crying I felt so guilty. He works so hard to provide for us while I stay home with our youngest and I completely forgot all about one of the few things he’s asked me to make or do for him. That lit a fire under my butt.

For the majority of the day yesterday I worked on it until it was finally finished! YAY!!!

This extremely thick Real Tree Camo canvas type fabric was killer on some needles! I’d love to know what it’s typically used for. I’ve never felt canvas this heavy at the fabric stores. I picked up this huge piece that’s about 1.5 yards wide x 3 yards long from a consignment store sale. It’s heavy! It claimed the lives of 3 of my sewing machine’s needles and 2 of my serger’s needles! YIKES!

With this project finished, I can now cross off #9 on my sewing list. This is my first 2016 FAL Q3 finish. *insert goofy grin here* 1 down, 65 left to go.

Wait! Whaaaa?!? 65?!? How did that happen? *sigh* Guess I better go get to sewing something else now.

Till next time happy sewing! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My First 2016 Q3 Finish! YAY!

  1. I could feel your pain! And he never nagged you – what a wonderful husband you have. He’s a surveyor? That seems like such a nice job.

    1. Nope! Not once. He is wonderful! I’m a lucky woman to have him. Yes, he does land surveying and is also a timber buyer. Around here they grow pine trees as a crop. He’s a go between for the sellers and the mills. It seems like he’s always working so I can stay home with our little girl.

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