2017 Finish A Long

For those that don’t know what the FAL is, it’s a chance to be encouraged to finish some of those WIPs you have lying around, complete with prizes! The FAL has been happening since 2012. Each year is divided into 4 quarters. Anyone interested in participating makes a list for the quarter and links it up with one of the hosts. Each finish you have for an item that’s on the list is an entry for that quarter. There’s more to it than this – this is just the watered down version. You can read more about it over at Helen’s blog Archie the Wonderdog (which is where I first learned about it). However, I just learned that she’s not going to be hosting anymore. But, there’s still lots of great hosts including:

Jess – Elven Garden Quilts – Australia
Nicky – Mrs. Sew and Sow -UK
Rhonda – Rhonda’s Ramblings – USA
Leanne – She Can Quilt – Canada
Abigail – Cut & Alter – Great Britain
Izzy – Dizzy Quilts – Canada
Ella – Throw a Wench in the Works – USA
Lucy – Charm about You – Great Britain
Sarah – Sew me – Northern Ireland
Judith – Just Jude – Northern Ireland
Felicity – Felicity Quilts – Canada
Marci – Marci Girl Designs – USA
Karen – Capitola Quilter – USA

Q2 runs from 04/02/17 to 07/01/17
You can find my proposed list here

Q3 runs from 07/02/17 to 09/30/17

Q4 runs from 10/01/17 to 01/06/18