Color Play Friday 06/24/16

Today I’m joining in with Lorinda from Laurel Poppy and Pine and Trina from In An Otter Life for their Color Play Friday!

For a while now I’ve been watching what Lorinda comes up with Color Play Friday on her blog. After reading her post from last week, I decided to try it to see what I can come up with. As a gardener and outdoor lover, I absolutely love the image and everything it represents. However, it really doesn’t do much to inspire a palette when you first look at it. When I first looked at it, all I seen black, white, dark brown, and green. Then I plugged the selected image into the Pallette Builder over at Play Crafts and came up with some surprising options.

After playing around with the dots for a while, I came up with a palette I liked and could see myself actually using even though it’s not my typical color choices. Using this pallete I envision a modern style quilt with the background a gradient of the top 4 fabrics with pops of color throughout from the bottom 2 colors.

Color Play Friday 6/24/16

I took a screenshot of the image with my little dots still there so you can see that those are actually the colors I found within this image. Surprisingly, I only used the green from my initial thoughts.

The first fabric I found, was surprisingly, the yellow. After that one, the blues and neutral were easy. The green was the hard one as there’s not much that I found in that color and I didn’t want a solid (though there’s a Moda solid that is that exact color!). I was actually thinking of going back to the palette builder and switching that green but I kinda thought that would be cheating so I left it and went back to hunting. I’m happy with the one I picked because I believe it gives the palette a pop of color without overpowering the focal print.

The fabrics I found are: (in order from top to bottom)
Wildland Arrowheads in Dusk by Miriam Bos for Birch Organic Fabrics
Tapestry in Mudcloth Blue by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery
Noe in Poppin Sky by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit
Alpine in Birch White by Erin Michael for Moda Fabrics
Wildland Village Feast in Sun by miriam Bos for Birch Organic Fabrics
Honeycomb Dot in Grass Green by Kei
(Links all go to Fabricworm’s online fabric store. These are NOT affiliate links, nor have I been endorsed for this post in any way. This is just an online fabric store I like and chose to use to find my fabric for this Color Play Friday.)

If I ever get my hands on those fabrics and have them all in my stash at the same time I will make the quilt that I envisioned in my head. What about you? Would you use my palette or fabric choices?

This week I’m playing along with:
Sarah from 123 Quilt
Lorinda from Laurel, Poppy and Pine
Trina from In An Otter Life
Jennifer over on Flickr

Do you IG? Check out #colorplayfriday to see it all!

Interested in participating in Color Play Friday yourself? Go visit In An Otter Life or Laurel, Poppy and Pine for the rules, their contact info and the photo for next week.

Till next time, enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Color Play Friday 06/24/16

  1. You’re bundle is fantastic, especially since it’s your first time playing along! This was a really surprising photo to work with. I didn’t think there would be that much color to chose from. I really like how you took a screenshot to show where your palette colors came from.

      1. Thank you Sarah! Once I found that print for the yellow, it was easy. Yes, the photo really surprised me too with all the different colors hidden in there.

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