Eerie Nights Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of the Eerie Nights blog hop. Here’s the line-up for today Tuesday, October 25, 2016:
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Jane’s Quilting
Just Let Me Quilt
Batts In The Attic

Now, onto todays little round up!

  1. If you seen my post from the other day, you know I hoard save glass jars and bottles so you won’t be surprised to see this next craft. This one can be easily done with your kids! 🙂
  2. This spider garland is just too cute! Another good one that the littles can help you with.
  3. I don’t know about you, but I swear we have at least 6 of these plastic pumpkins from the past 2 Halloweens. Why so many with just 1 little girl? Well, if she’s told she can have 1 thing, and picks out a $1 plastic pumpkin, who am I to argue? LOL She’s got a thing for buckets, pails, baskets, bags, and purses. Basically anything she can carry her things in. I don’t think she’ll miss a couple if I snag them while she’s sleeping to make these.

Just these 3 little ones for today. 🙂 However, don’t forget to go visit those on the Eerie Nights bloghop for you chance to win some prizes!

Till next time happy sewing!


Eerie Nights Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Eerie Nights blog hop. Here’s the line-up for today Friday, October 21, 2016:
Quilting Affection Blog
Life In the Scrapatch
Feather Your Nest

I’m not on the line-up for today, but I wanted to share with you 5 free Halloween themed crochet patterns that I think are just too cute and on my to-do list. You know, for when I have a free moment. LOL

All photos are property of the website owners from where they came from and are linked to. Click on the pictures to go to the various websites to get the patterns from the pattern designers. I’m not affiliated with any of these, they are all just free, cute things I’ve found in my online hunting. The ones I picked to share with you today are Halloween themed without being scary to our little ones.

  1. This Scarecrow Cat with Crow is just the cutest! I’d love to make him to display on the shelf where our keys hang from.
  2. I think these Voodoo dolls are just the cutest things! I want to make bunches of them – in all different color combinations to have everywhere in my house! If I made them though, I’d probably leave them out year round. 🙂
  3. This is so cute! Just what I needed, another excuse to hoard collect glass jars. I can easily picture these made in all sorts and sizes of jars – the larger pickle jars, the tall and skinny jars my coffee comes in. Heck, if you have little kids and are afraid they could break them, why not wash out some clear plastic containers from peanut butter or mayo to use for these. Just a thought.
  4. Ooh! Look! Another one to reuse jars! Once again, you could upcycle those plastic containers from peanut butter or mayo. Simply cut off the very top part and if there’s sharp pokey edges, use a nail file to smooth them out. Easy-peasy.
  5. Crochet + Cupcakes + Halloween + all this cuteness! And, like the rest of the patterns featured today, they are free! I can just picture these made and displayed in an old, half-rusted muffin pan in the middle of the dining room table. 🙂

Thanks for joining me today. Don’t forget to visit those who are part of the Eerie Nights hop today for your chance to win some nice prizes!

Till next time, happy hooking! Crochet hooking that is. 😉