2 Mini Quilt Finishes

Just last week I finished 2 mini quilts for 2 different IG swaps last week-ish.

First up is a mini mini that I made for the #quickminiswap hosted by @mel_si_a_swapaholic. It had to be based on my partners likes and mosaic. My original idea was a bust after the “purple” fabric I ordered online arrived and was not really purple, so this was my backup idea.

Those are 0.5″ hexies that were done using a mini charm pack of Grow by Me & My Sister Designs (which my partner said she liked) and the background is purple (my partner mentioned that she didn’t have a purple mini yet) and is Cotton & Steel (which she also mentioned she liked).

For the quilting I knew I wanted to combine a bit of echo quilting with matchstick and that I did not want the quilting to go over the hexies. They are so small I was afraid they would get lost under the quilting so using invisible thread I machine appliqued each and every 0.5″ hexie. When that was done I switched to white thread and made 1 echo around the overall shapes. Then I decided I wanted to come down from the edges and carry that into the echo. I did this  2 times on each outer edge. Then I realized that in between the shapes I didn’t have enough room to do 2 more full echos for both shapes. So, each shape had a turn. And if/when I got to a quilted line while making the echo line, I didn’t quilt over it. So, it’s kinda link the middle quilting is woven over each other – first one than the other and so on. Then I did matchstick quilting in the remaining space that followed the pattern on the background fabric. This one finished around 9.75″x10.25″ if I’m recalling correctly.

Up next is this cutie for the #EasterBunnyQuiltSwap hosted by @shoppershaz_swaphost. While I was hoping to do something artsy – my partner’s mosaic was more traditional so I went directly with a pattern she shared on her mosaic. It’s the Bunny Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

The colors are directly from my partners like list which included gray, teal and low volume. After it was done, for the quilting I simply outlined the bunny and then did straightline quilting around the bunny. The width between quilting lines is the width of the foot I was using on my sewing machine. This one finished around 14″ sq.

I’m enjoying participating in IG swaps. I’ve got another finish to share with you in a few days and (IMO) it’s freakin amazing! See you tomorrow. Till then, have a wonderful day!


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